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Dorian Cattani Reiki Asbury Park NJ
I struggled to find my way through life, being understood seemed impossible and knowing I couldn’t shake this year after year was crippling UNTIL I surrendered to a higher power, found my self-worth and allowed my gifts to come through.
For the majority of my life I didn’t trust my intuition, gut instincts or gifts because of my lack of confidence, family issues and not having a connection to God. 
Years of commitment issues.
Things about me that I kept hidden; my obsession with Sylvia Browne, John Edwards, the show Ghost Whisperer, my years of depression, being highly sensitive in a non-sensitive household and feeling strong energy pulls and spirits but ignoring them. I never felt like I was in the right space to be myself and this led to years of commitment issues surrounding education, relationships and career. I had such a lack of direction, tools and people in my life that could help me that would lead me down several wrong paths for years. Later I would come to realize this was heavily based on not yet identifying as an Empath.
No amount of confidence will help with self-love or feeling worthy. 
In my late 20’s to my early 30's, my confidence was changing my life significantly. This was with the help of an amazing therapist, an older man I was dating, and the end of my very lengthy college career. Although I was enjoying my new found confidence, it would negatively trigger a lot of people in my life and no amount of confidence will help with self-love or feeling worthy and this is where lot's of my issues would be for years to come. I do remember having positive conversations about religion and feeling pulled toward spirituality for the first time in my life. 
In control of my happiness for the first time.
During a walk with my dog, Bella Mia, I looked up to the sun and whispered, “If you’re out and shining your light on me I will find happiness in that.” And this did wonders for me being in control of my happiness for the first time in my life. I knew this was the beginning of self-discovery and I could be in control if I choose to be. Later I would realize an an Empath, nature is super important and called Earthing. 
I was being followed around by a spirit. 
Bella Mia and I scored a well paying pet sitting job and I couldn't have been more excited for the opportunity. But during the meet and greet, a spirit was following me around and informing me how this was going to end. This was my first experience with a strong unknown spirit showing me the outcome of something before it happened. Although I was scared to death, it was not trying to scare me but protect me.
But my whole career I felt like I was the supporting actor in someone else's life.
My 30's consisted of getting a job, keeping the job and not getting fired from the job. But to add to my life was I was starting to feel everyone's energy and it was a full-time job for me now. Although I tried to "stay in my lane" I would involve myself in situations to try to help but would only backfire. Without knowing that I was an Empath, yet, I was a receptacle of everyone's "stuff", it was depleting my energy and it wasn't allowing me to be at my highest potential. At the end of every job, I would look back to try to understand what happened, and every time it seemed I would be there for someone else's benefit. (I was even a matchmaker for my cousin with someone I worked with for only 6 months, then I was let go!) I felt like I was the supporting actor in someone else's life. 
The Universe started insisting I stop the events entirely and "go home".
Growing up I dreamed of having my own children's clothing store which then turned into a men's clothing store (30 years later) but support and money was non-existent. Instead, I started a wardrobe styling business, The Closet Rescue. At first as a side hustle with hopes of it becoming full time. I loved conceptualizing the business and was able to finally put all my confidence and gifts to use. As the years went on, I would feel slightly out of alignment but couldn't put my finger on it. While I was putting all my energy in events and my clients, the company started to feel like it wasn't working and serving me anymore. Then the Universe started insisting I stop putting my energy into this and "go home", with this my anxiety would go into over drive. But since I felt like there was no other choice, I listened. Deciding to end TCR would come very slowly but it also brought me into changing my website to my name as well as a huge step towards my self discovery and life's purpose. When one door closes, another door always opens. 
I started to talk to God. 
In 2013, two years before my Grandma/best friend passed away, for the first time in my life I started to talk to God. Maybe it was all the shows I watched or something I read but I knew that spirits wont just appear, you have to be somewhat ready and not scared if they do come. I wanted to receive her as a spirit and be at peace with her passing. I didn't see any other way. February 2015, two nights before she passed away I was able to tell her to go to heaven and she would be welcomed with open arms. The night before her funeral as I was falling asleep she patted my head and she came back several times after that. I even felt her leave to begin her travels with other family members. While driving to my sisters house I asked her, "Do you visit Dara?" And she filled the car with the most beautiful rose scents. That was a YES. She also sends me pennies when I really need them.
The Universe said, "Start a pet care company."
In one year exactly, 2017-2018, I lost 4 jobs, 2 dogs and my 15 year old dog and I became ill. This was my personal low and I could feel God/Universe screaming at me to wake up but I was too scared to listen. I created these suicidal thoughts as my head would pulse, making it feel like the thoughts were getting stronger. One day, I had a panic attack and knew it was time to seek professional help so I called a local therapist. She guided me through my past life/career experiences and showed me how resilient I've been and why I should be proud of myself and ultimately gave me the confidence I needed to go on. And on New Year's Day I sat on my couch and surrendered to God/Universe and asked "What now?" and I heard "Start a pet care company." Mind. Blown. Since I was in my third year of rescuing senior dogs, which I was confident was my life's purpose, I knew this was the answer. The following year was magical; I was in a new exciting space, greeted with open arms from the Universe and the most amazing supportive people and pups. Every message that came through I actually listened and acted on with no hesitation and a new message would always follow. Until this moment, when the Universe wanted me to quit one of my jobs. They put up road blocks, literally and figuratively and the messages were intense. While taking the dog for a week and then off the following two weeks and thinking about how I was going to end the job, the dog suddenly passed away from cancer. The Universe was once again trying to protect me. Then the Universe told me to end the company and without hesitation I ended Continued Puppy Love.
Then Covid happened. 
This was the beginning of what I started to call my "Spiritual Journey": Rescuing Senior Dogs, Listening To The Universe, Spirit Communication, Falling In Love With Life, Pet & People Reiki and Meditation.
Then another panic attack. I was traveling on the train and thought I was going to faint. I was so confused with the rush of emotions, I finally asked myself, "Are these really my feelings?" Then they stopped but the man next to me fell to the ground. In that moment I knew I was placed there for a reason, to be given this experience and know life will never be the same again. And those crazy feelings I felt all my life were not always mine. That's why I could never explain them and why they made me feel different. It was time to start being kinder to myself and admit finally, I am an Empath with gifts and this is just the beginning!
A new spiritual friend introduced me to New York Open Center (people and places come into your life when you need them the most) and recommended the Hands of Light class to me. I didn't even hesitate and signed up right away. It was an all day class about energy healing but also what you need you will find within. While doing a very powerful exercise with 3 other women, we paired up and I immediately had a vision of a little blond girl by a pond. I knew it was for a woman I did the exercise with but was scared. I closed my eyes and heard, "This is your journey, this is part of it, speak your truth." After speaking to her for a minute and her telling me she's a mom living in NJ. I finally told her about my vision. She said, "I have all boys." And I said, "I know, this little girl has passed on". She confirmed she lost a baby and would have been 4 years old now. 
Go within.
While finding peace in surrendering to this higher power for the first time in my life, I started to figure this new life out and happiness was never going to come from a job, money or other people wanting "the best for you". I started to make myself a priority, connecting to my intuition and gut instincts and being more present. What I had to stop doing immediately was asking advice from about 10 different people or how a job does NOT define you. My goal now was to be authentic, protect my energy, lead with my heart and if I needed an answer, go within. 
Reiki, Gratitude & Love 
Shortly after, I had an intense sensation, similar to those panic attacks, to book a Reiki session. I called the person I knew locally and she couldn't fit me in that week. Finally I asked the Universe, "What?" And I heard, "DO Reiki."' So I did some research and signed up for Reiki 1 with emphasis on animals. The Universe then showed me several signs to go to Petaluma, CA for Reiki 2 at a senior animal sanctuary. While flying to CA I felt a neighbor's dog who was old and sick go to heaven. This was not my first time feeling this. In 2005 I was flying to FL to say goodbye to my other Grandma and I felt her go to heaven. Both were confirmed when I landed. What Reiki 1 & 2 did for me was bring me in this new light of true GRATITUDE. And that eventually lead to LOVE! I was leading with my heart and in love with life for the first time in my life!
"Meditation is a non-negotiable." 
When you are on the path meant for you, you meet people who are spiritual expanders for you; people who you instantly connect with or who bring you into a different realm of your journey. I was introduced to Maddie through a new spiritual friend. She was graduating from Colombia and moving out of NYC, and in the short time we spoke, she changed my life. She told me if I was going to be doing this work, I MUST start a meditation practice. She said, "Meditation is a non-negotiable in this work." So my spiritual journey became even more expansive because I invested in the work of Reiki and Meditation and both world's collided in the most beautiful way. Once I found my rhythm with meditation, I would see colors, feel my hands tingling and eventually feel my third eye open and I even held the Universe! 
Now I can finally say (scream) that I am stepping into my power, on the path meant for me, owning my gifts, finally believing in Universal energy, and ready to share my gifts with you! I AM FREE AND IN LOVE! I want to guide you on your journey to unlock your true potential, allowing me to clear the energy around your space and increase your confidence to connect you to your greater purpose! 

More On My Journey:

After living and loving Bella Mia for 14 years it was time to adopt a senior dog, a dream I had for years and after hearing a friend say, "Just do it" I adopted Powder Gi, my twirling blind overweight senior shihtzu. The first month was devastating, navigating Powder's terrible cough, health issues and allergies. Needless to say I learned a lot about health, dog food and mom guilt having a second dog. While he was only here for a year and a half, he helped me realize my true life's purpose and passion for rescuing senior dogs, which actually guided me to become a Reiki Master. My soul pup Bella Mia and partner in crime passed away leaving a whole in my heart. After losing her I realized my other passion; assisting people with their end of life plans for their pets, to provide the least amount of anxiety and pain while their pets cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

I owe everything to Kelly from Booty By Brabants for her positive energetic workouts and helping me through covid and navigating my grief. With a healthy body and mind, I became a Meditation Teacher!

I moved to Asbury Park, NJ from Weehawken/Hoboken, NJ, replacing the city skyline for the beach! And replacing my grief of losing my soul dog with losing my father and soon after my handicapped dog Rex. Very grateful to my boyfriend, family, neighbors and dog community for their love and support through this difficult time. But the sun always shines above the clouds.

I'm excited to announce the opening of my Reiki Studio in Asbury Park, NJ taking clients starting in November 2023.

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